Core Package 

Early College Phase I –

From September to June of Freshman Year we:

  • Review of academic record
  • Advice on course selection
  • Recommendations on extracurricular involvement and summer activities Testing recommendations
  • Discussion about how to make high school a successful endeavor
  • Administration of learning styles and study skills assessment

Early College Phase II –

From July of Sophomore Year to December of Junior Year we:

  •  Includes all services in (#3a) Early College Phase I
  •  Advice on course selection
  •  Discussion about ways to ask a teacher for recommendation
  •  Guidance on financial aid application
  •  Tips for scholarship searchc) ____ The List – From January of Junior Year to October of Senior Year:
  •  Review of prior academic accomplishments
  •  Advice on course selection
  •  Recommendations for extracurricular involvement
  •  Testing recommendations (SAT or ACT, SAT II, when to schedule, is test prepnecessary, etc.)
  •  Assist with letters of recommendation
  •  Tips for scholarship search
  •  Guidance on financial aid application
  •  In-depth interview on college preferences of both student and parent Career planningby administering career assessment and personality inventory.
  •  Refinement of choices of college type and major using interest survey(s)
  •  Advice on making successful college visits
  •  Preparation of a selected list of colleges that is uniquely suited to the student
  •  Assistance with college applications (up to 5) to ensure they meet all requirements
  •  Basic assistance with the essay


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